Timo 2
My delicious morning tea!

4 stars

Cost (out of five)- $$$

Timo is a gorgeous little restaurant in the heart of Geelong. With its glitzy, stylish look, it has the feel of a lounge room in a modern mansion. I must comment that the setting inside is amazing! Mirrors, couches, glitter and a lot of confidence features in this restaurant that produces coffee by day and has a bar at night. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a scrumptious variety of treats. Timo is my new favourite restaurant.

Vegetarian Options ü
High chair available  ü
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options  ü
Allergy flexibility  ü
Room for Pram  ü
Pets welcome
Room for Wheelchair  ü
Indoor seating  ü
Outdoor seating  ü
Menu flexibility  ü
Breakfast  ü
Lunch  ü
Dinner  ü
Coffee and Cake  ü
Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: NA I’d say any age group. It is extremely child friendly and I think everyone who goes there would love it.
Food rating: 10/10 The food is absolutely splendid and cooked to perfection.
Drinks rating: 8/10 A wide range from milkshakes to cocktails.
Children’s menu available: 5/10 No, but the staff said that they could the easily put together something. The menu is easily flexible. I like that.
Children’s entertainment: NA No
Take away available: NA Yes
Service: 10/10 The staff were really sweet, quick and efficient.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Morning Tea: Scone and Milkshake or Hot Chocolate

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