Flying Brick

Flying Brick

Flying Brick actual
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Cost (out of five)- $$$

4 1/2 stars

As I swallow a gulp of smooth ice-cream, I hear a piercing squawk. Overhead, there is a black blur of feathers, tinged with yellow. People stop and point as the majestic flying brick, commonly also known as a yellow-tailed black cockie. I watch as it circles over us before swooping into Adventure Park. It’s screech fades away.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: NA Every age.
Food rating: 8/10 Really good, full of flavour and freshness.
Drinks rating: 9/10 9/10 for adults anyway. The kid’s drinks are fantastic but I guess the reason most adults come here is for the cider.
Children’s menu available: 10/10 Yes, it has a great range of meals
Children’s entertainment: 100/10 Okay, a little over the top! But there is a wide spread of lawn. Some people may be yawning right now, and to that I say that you are very close-minded. It is heaps of fun to go there on a sunny day when there are lots of other kids. I recommend playing tiggy in this situation.
Take away available: NA No, kind of. You can buy products.
Service: 7 and a half/10 Good, but sometimes a little slow if you are famished. But you have to understand that it is extremely popular and amazing, so they are usually quite busy.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Calamari and Chips with Caramel Fudge Ice-Cream

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