Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

3 1/2 stars

Jack and Jill actual
Image from http://www.jackandjillrestaurant.com.au/menu

Cost (out of five)- $$$$

In a small building is a restaurant that comes alive at 6pm every night. If you go up the hill on Moorabool Street to fetch a pail of water, then come tumbling down about halfway down, you will find Jack and Jill.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: NA 6 and up.
Food rating: 9/10 Delicious! And a very creative way of serving it. There’s an adults menu with heaps of little dishes. You order three or four of those and BAM! Your meal is complete.
Drinks rating: 7/10 Great adult drinks.
Children’s menu available: 9/10 Yes, and a wide range as well. The food is spectacular.
Children’s entertainment: NA No
Take away available: NA No
Service: 6/10 Good, a little slow, but they are precise and friendly.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Spaghetti and Meatballs and Chocolate- Ice-cream


As a little note, I highly recommend using the bathrooms there. I know this sounds weird, but when I went to Jack and Jill there was Easter eggs and The Simpsons audio playing in the toilet.

Menu 11

One thought on “Jack and Jill

  1. I love Jack and Jill and have eaten their with my children, I agree, great food! Love this blog! Will keep watching out for more recommendations. Well done…


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