Mr Grubb

Mr Grubb

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5 stars

Cost (out of five)- $$$

I walk in and stare around at the canopies of flowing leaves. I quickly scan my eyes over the children playing on the grass, the food being served and the smiling faces. As part of Oakdene, some may think that Mr Grubb is a little prestigious. They are wrong. It is the exact opposite. Fun and delightfully interesting, everybody will love Mr Grubb.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: NA All ages.
Food rating: 100/10 Super amazing. Some meals are classic dishes served in a fun way, some are completely new and cool.
Drinks rating: 7/10 Refreshing or comforting, these drinks will put a smile on your dial.
Children’s menu available: 9/10 Yes, and it is great!
Children’s entertainment: 10/10 The lawn is covered with sculptures and it’s great to play soccer on.
Take away available: NA No
Service: 9/10 Awesome.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Pizza and Ice-Cream

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