Little Creatures

Little Creatures

5 stars

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As the name may suggest, this is an extremely child friendly place. As I walked in, the colours hit me, then the music crashed around me, the smell was breathtaking and the chatter became incomprehensible. It has a fun, lively atmosphere, perfect for families.

Cost (out of five)- $$$

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: NA All ages
Food rating: 10/10 Delicious! Wow, when I first went there I was blown away. I LOVE the pizza and brownie.
Drinks rating: 10/10 An amazing range of everything for everyone!
Children’s menu available: 10/10 Yes, and it has a broad variety of deliciousness.
Children’s entertainment: 10/10 Amazing! There is a massive sand pit and chalkboard, plus throbbing music everywhere and lots of other kids. There is also sometimes an awesome performance such as a musician or a dancer.
Take away available: NA No, but products are available for purchase
Service: 10/10 Super quick, friendly and efficient.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Pizza and Chocolate Brownie

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