Bear & Bean

Bear & Bean

5 stars

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This hip, funky, quirky cafe serves high quality food and a lot of ‘tude. Tucked away in a small corner, it looks slightly shabby, but don’t judge this book by its cover. On the inside, there’s a warm environment with glowing lights and a very stylish roof that’s covered with everything and anything. Take a break and hide away in this delightful haven.

Avocado melts into my tongue, paired with crunchy bacon and toast. I stare up at the roof and gaze upon messages and quotes, pictures and signs. Laughing and smiling, a blackboard catches my eye, and I grin even more widely. Staff come over and chat, explaining how long it took to design the roof, draw it and construct it. I relax into the chair and feel a deep wave of calm splash over me.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: 10/10 All ages, from newly born to wrinkled turtles
Food rating: 10/10 The best food I’ve ever had apart from the cooking of anyone who I could offend
Drinks rating: 10/10 Scrumdiddlyumptious
Children’s menu available: 10/10 No, but the menu is easily flexible. I changed a hamburger into a piece of toast with bacon!
Children’s entertainment: 10/10 The roof. The wall. The roof is covered with drawings and hilarious quotes (great for I Spy) and one wall is dedicated to a chalkboard.
Take away available: 10/10 Take away coffee, lunches and sweet treats
Service: 10/10 They are so kind, especially when they take the time to talk to you.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Bacon and eggs on toast, muffin of the day and a milkshake

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