Wharf Shed Café


Wharf Shed Café

Image from http://www.wharfshedcafe.com.au


4 stars

Shards of ice ripped at my skull. Blurry vision caused shadows to appear and merge. Freezing hands gripped my head. I hate brain freezes, but I love iced chocolates.

Sipping from the thin, plastic straw, I stared out across the sprawling grass where Pokémon Go was the majority of what people were playing. Liquid softened my tongue. I picked up a chip and crunched into the salty potato.

The scent of seaweed wafted in the air. I pushed away my glass and breathed.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: 9/10 All ages.
Food rating: 9 1/2 /10 Really well cooked and a massive menu. It’s delicious and really good for kids.
Drinks rating: 7/10 I love all their drinks, but a few more kid-friendly ones would be nice.
Children’s menu available: 8/10 Yes, and some of the adults meals are good for kids as well.
Children’s entertainment: 8/10 Wharf Shed Café is right next to a large grass area, and isn’t too far away from the carousel.
Take away available: NA No
Service: 8/10 Quick and precise. The staff are super friendly and helpful.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Calamari and chips + salad
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 9/10 They really loved it! I also went with my Nana.
Setting and Décor: 9/10 A really happy, outdoors vibe.

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