The Dunes

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The Dunes
5 stars

My board nestled next to my body as I trudged up the hill; a trail of salt water and sand behind me. Warmth filled my body as I imagined hot chocolate and chips waiting for me.
Cold water washed the thoughts away as I stood under the shower. Milkshakes, cool and smooth, slip down my throat, fireworks of flavour flooding through my mouth.
Chatter streamed through my ears. Salt tickled my throat as the crunchy coating cracked and revealed soft, burning potato.
Waves crashed upon the shore and milk lapped down my throat. The air buzzed with anticipation, excitement and fun.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: 10/10 All ages.
Food rating: 10/10 Original meals with a beachy twist. A new spin of flavour on your old time favourites.
Drinks rating: 8/10 Suitable for all of your needs.
Children’s menu available: 9/10 A great range of all the usual plus more.
Children’s entertainment: 10/10 Activity sheets, puzzles and magnetic drawing boards. And that’s just inside. Outside, the setting. Beautiful statues, flat ground and beautiful beach.
Take away available: 8/10 A beautiful array of cakes paired with delicious drinks.
Service: 8 1/2/10 Pretty quick, and they’re all really nice.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: After a surf- Chocolate milkshake, a cake and chips
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 10/10 A family favourite.
Setting and Décor: 9/10 A great, modern feel.

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