3 1/2 stars

Photographer- Emmy

Boasting fresh and local produce, Annie’s sits in a corner of Barwon Heads main street. I watched the cars driving past as I took another mouthful of meringue and bitter lemon curd. The spotlight broke through a roof of clouds and shone down on the street.

Photographer- Mum

Shelves lining the walls from the floor to the ceiling groaned with delicious treats. A deli supported local produce and suppliers. I lifted my head. Sacks of meat hung from the ceiling. The
whole place executed the perfect rustic feel. Music blasted through my ears and I surveyed the colourful, lively scene.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate:  NA  Every age.
Food rating:  9/10 Just delicious. Anything else I have to say?
Drinks rating:  6 1/2/10  Really good, but more adulty…
Children’s menu available:  NA  No, but there are plenty of kid friendly options on the adults menu.
Children’s entertainment:  See right… None. But the food’s really good. Oh, I guess looking around inside is kind of entertainment?
Take away available:  10/10 Yeah, there’s also catering and plenty on offer selling wise…
Service: 8/10 Friendly and quick.
Kid’s Ideal Meal:  For morning tea, lemon meringue tart, hot chic and some chocolate coated, freeze dried strawberries!
What Mum and Dad would rate it:  8 1/2/10  Mum loves it, but thinks it’s better for brekky or morning tea.
Setting and Décor:  10/10 The perfect feel.


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