Little Red Fox


Little Red Fox

At Banks Road Vineyard


img_9541“Do they call you boss?” I asked excitedly to Issy, the daughter of the owner of Banks Road vine yard (who not only lets out the space known as Little Red Fox but also makes the wine that is Bank Road) and also a good friend. We strolled across from her house, admiring the sculptures that lounged on the lawn. She shook her head.

“What should I have?” I fizzed.

“A brownie, some waffles, a milkshake…” She ticked off her fingers.


The sun streamed onto the Little Red Fox curled up in the canvas. I gulped down the chocolate milkshake and sculpted the waffles with my glinting knife. Grass rolled over the hills and continued before merging with a field of vines and Port Phillip Bay beyond. Chatter floated aimlessly around, drifting into anybody’s ears. My eyes spotted a box of toys.


My heart thumped. My breaths were shed evenly and heavily. Fire blazed through my legs as I twisted through the trees, milk and maple syrup bubbling in my stomach. Trees tried to block me, leaving me with scratches and bruises. I ducked behind a large, metal frame as Issy and Abby flew past in a blur, diving for Chloe.


Vegetarian Options Y
High chair available Y
Baby Change Facilities  
Gluten Free options Y
Allergy flexibility Y
Room for Pram  Y
Pets welcome  Y
Room for Wheelchair  Y
Indoor seating  Y
Outdoor seating Y
Menu flexibility Y
Breakfast Y
Lunch Y
Dinner Y
Coffee and Cake Y
I’ve been framed!



Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: 0-100 yrs All ages.
Food rating: 9/10 Really delicious. It has a really fresh vibe and is channelling a European feel. Yum!
Drinks rating: 9/10 Apart from the delicious wine for Mum and Dad, Little Red Fox offers some super cool kid’s drinks.
Children’s menu available: 10/10 Yep, it has all the traditional favourites for brekky, lunch and dinner, cooked to perfection.
Children’s entertainment: 10/10 There’s a massive supplement of toys like Frisbees, chalk and mini blackboards, footballs, soccer balls and a Finska set! Not to mention the sprawling grounds dotted with awesome sculptures. Legend has it that every Halloween a troll comes and uses the toothbrush…img_9523
Take away available: -> -> -> -> -> Well, there’s plenty to buy when it comes to wine.
Service: 10/10 Friendly and really quick.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Brownie and a strawberry milkshake. Lunch wise… probs the pasta.
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 9/10 “Really enjoyed wine tasting at Banks Road next door”- Mum
Setting and Décor: 9/10 Quite modern, but still with a country feel.

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