Basil’s Farm

Basil’s Farm

Basil’s Café

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4 stars

My dog strained on the lead as I strolled up the path. Spying an organic and colourful veggie patch, I turned and followed a sandy path. A cottage lay ahead, transformed into a family friendly, farm themed and fresh feeling restaurant.

 A sand pit sat entangled in short and stubby fruit trees. The sun smiled against the bright blue sky. Lawns sprawled across acres, hugging beautifully ripe and plump vines. Fire crackled in a conserved open bowl, red and peach and lemon.

 Warm soup lid down my throat, pumpkin strangling my taste buds. Herbs evened up the thick orange liquid. I headed for the beef and swallowed it down.

 Inside the cottage, people bustled about. I examined what could have been a living room. Scrumptious looking cakes sat in a frosted glass prison, before being served on crystal plated with shiny forks.

Basils Café


Vegetarian Options ü
High chair available
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options ü
Allergy flexibility ü
Room for Pram ü
Room for Wheelchair ü
Indoor seating ü
Outdoor seating ü
Menu flexibility ü
Breakfast ü
Lunch ü
Dinner ü
Coffee and Cake ü
Pets welcome ü
Subject Ratings Comments
Age group appropriate: 4 and up. The food isn’t really for younger children.
Food rating: 8/10 Authentic and fresh farm food. Not a very wide range, but delicious.
Drinks rating: 6/10 Pretty much nothing, apart from a smoothie or water.
Children’s menu available: Yes. I like meals from both kid and adult menus. They’re pretty good.
Children’s entertainment: 10/10 Sand pit, heaps of lawn and a veggie patch to roam through. It’s got a great country feel. Sometimes there’s live entertainment.
Take away available: NA Not that I’m aware of.
Service: 7/10 It took a while, but the staff were friendly and one of them even grew up on the estate! She showed us around the house.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Ham and Cheese Croissant.
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 7/10 They thought the service speed wasn’t great.
Setting and Décor: 9/10 Awesome, though most of it is outside. Cool garden!

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