Uncle Jack’s

Uncle Jack’simg_9568

3 stars


I stepped in out of the cold and took in the noise and scent. Walking a couple of steps, I soon realised I was standing on glass. Gasping, I searched downwards and found an underground garden, housing luscious greens and dark, forest olive. (Bonus points if you can figure out how they water the plants!)


I scouted the menu and made up my mind. Bright lights glowed and I spotted some dark wood in a corner, next to a stone fire place. People passed by with determination, a purposeful look on their faces, shopping bags in their hands.

Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: 6+
Food rating: 8/10 Pretty good, a wide range and lots of versions of the original dish
Drinks rating: 8/10 More for adults.
Children’s menu available: 9/10 Yep, and it’s got some good stuff on it. Only thing is, there’s only burgers for dinner.
Children’s entertainment: 5/10 None, except for the glass floor.
Take away available: NA Yep, first question we were asked was ‘eat-in or take away?’
Service: 9/10 So nice, and pretty quick. Informative.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: For dinner- Fried chicken burger and beer battered chips
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 7/10
Setting and Décor: 9/10 Love the fireplace and underground garden! Upbeat and edgy.


Vegetarian Options  ü
High chair available ü
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options  ü
Allergy flexibility  ü
Room for Pram  ü
Pets welcome  ü
Room for Wheelchair  ü
Indoor seating  ü
Outdoor seating  ü
Menu flexibility  ü
Breakfast  ü(All day!)
Lunch  ü
Dinner  ü
Coffee and Cake  ü

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