George Street Café

George Street Café

3 stars

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Coffee was dominant in the small café that nestled in a corner of the street. People bustled around in coats, closing their umbrellas as they walked in. There was a hint of bacon in the air as machines spurted, fried and created.

The menu came and with it, a variety of different meals and imaginative tastes. A sense of winter wafted outside. Vibrant colours swarmed around me, and I sipped my hot chocolate.


Vegetarian Options  ü
High chair available
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options  ü
Allergy flexibility  ü
Room for Pram
Pets welcome  ü
Room for Wheelchair
Indoor seating  ü
Outdoor seating  ü
Menu flexibility  üüüü
Breakfast  ü
Lunch  ü
Dinner  ü
Coffee and Cake  ü
Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: 2 and up It’s pretty friendly.
Food rating: 10/10 So delicious! Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.
Drinks rating: 9/10 Really good, and perfect temp.
Children’s menu available: NA No, but there menu flexibility is impressive and lots of the food is child friendly.
Children’s entertainment: None.
Take away available: 9/10 Yep, and catering.
Service: 8/10 Extremely friendly, and pretty fast.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Smashed avocado and hot chocolate.
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 9/10 Mum’s been going there forever!
Setting and Décor: 7/10 Pretty slick.


What actually happened was we had gotten back from Fiji the night before, at 12 am, which is 2 am in Fiji. We were exhausted! George Street Café was a place of familiarity and refuge.

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