Café Amore

Café AmoreAmore 1.JPG

4 stars

Gravy dripped in brown, thin droplets off the long, crispy potato. Heat was absorbed into the salty, golden chip. Savoury mixed with sweet, and I sucked heavily on my milkshake. Sea spray whisked across the stone wall just a street away. Opposite, a playground Amore 2.JPGfully equipped with an accumulation of children.

Inside was a wall covered with dogs framed in white. Names were scrawled in many colours. I scanned the newest recruit, my fluffy puppy staring with chocolate eyes. Cars shone on the street, black tyres planted on the bitumen.

I inhaled the last dregs of chocolate, milk and ice-cream before sitting back and scouring the horizon. Boats drifted aimlessly around the ocean. Sails fluttered in the wind. Sea and sky joined on the centre line of faint grey.




Vegetarian Options  ü
High chair available  ü
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options  ü
Allergy flexibility  ü
Room for Pram  ü
Pets welcome  üüüü
Room for Wheelchair  ü
Indoor seating  ü
Outdoor seating  ü
Menu flexibility  ü
Breakfast  ü
Lunch  ü
Dinner  ü
Coffee and Cake  ü
Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: All ages. It’s got facilities for all ages.
Food rating: 9/10 Good portions and pretty good food. Amazing gravy!
Drinks rating: 9/10 I was extremely impressed by the variety and quality.
Children’s menu available: 9/10 Yep, with all the favourites.
Children’s entertainment: 9/10 Colouring on the children’s menu, plus a playground a road away (with a safe crossing) plus a beach at the doorstep equals fun!
Take away available: NA Yes, there’s some great options. Also, they do catering.
Service: 10/10 Family owned and operated. Extremely friendly. Loved my dog Cookie and put her photo up on the wall.
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Fish and chips with a milkshake. I recommend sharing with a sibling. Make sure the sibling has no chips with their meal so you can order an extra side with gravy! Mmmmm…
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 7/10
Setting and Décor: 9/10 I really love the wall of dog photos.

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