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4 1/2 stars


Boats were docked in ports alongside each other. The smell of fish hung above my head. People with an air of intention strutted out of shops squeezed between each other. Colourful advertisements were planted everywhere- eye catching accessories of the hope worn by shop keepers. Sunlight intertwined with warmth stared at us. My dog lay beside the table. Her tail thumped between legs, metal or flesh.

I inhaled my chips, pepper and salt exploding through my mouth. The aftermath of heat raged around my tongue.

Step after step, we sprinted to the top of the viewing area. I scoured the landscape that wrapped around the marina. The water danced and swirled as the wind raised it higher and higher. Trees swayed heavily, shifting their weight from side to side.

Below the sun still streamed, though wind was the dominant element. It was time to leave.

Vegetarian Options  ü
High chair available  ü
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options  ü
Allergy flexibility  ü
Room for Pram  ü
Pets welcome  ü
Room for Wheelchair  ü
Indoor seating  ü
Outdoor seating  ü
Menu flexibility  ü
Breakfast  ü
Lunch  ü
Dinner  ü
Coffee and Cake  ü
Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: All ages. Just don’t let the child crawl off the edge of the pier.
Food rating: 9/10 Amazing, and well cooked. The variety and creativity is impressive.
Drinks rating: 9/10 Why do I never rate the drinks higher than the food? I don’t know. But this time I can’t because both were great.
Children’s menu available: 9/10 A sophisticated and delicious variety of food.
Children’s entertainment: 8/10 The viewing platform as well as colouring sheets.
Take away available: NA No.
Service: 10/10 Absolutely hilarious, kind, entertaining…
Kid’s Ideal Meal: Spaghetti Bolognese and ice-cream. Not together.
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 9/10 They enjoyed it.
Setting and Décor: 9/0 Really nice and a great feel.

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