Mannerim Stables

Mannerim Stables


I bit into the icing laden cupcakes, the aroma of coffee drifting in a sweet cloud. Sitting on a picnic rug on the banks of a lake, I searched the area. The broad hills lulled into fields of flowers, nectarine, orange, powder blue and summer pink. The sun gazed upon their long stems as people streamed in through the wooden gates, weaving along the driveway.

Families spread across the lawn, food covering their rugs. The large barn dominated the estate. Pets waltzed around the grounds, snagging any leftovers, chasing birds. Smiles and laughter were contagious.


Vegetarian Options
High chair available
Baby Change Facilities
Gluten Free options
Allergy flexibility
Room for Pram  ü
Pets welcome  ü
Room for Wheelchair  ü
Indoor seating  ü
Outdoor seating  ü
Menu flexibility
Coffee and Cake  


Subject Rating Comments
Age group appropriate: All ages. NA
Food rating: NA It’s BYO, but if you didn’t take food, there’s cupcakes and coffee.
Drinks rating: NA Well, there’s water and coffee.
Children’s menu available: NA
Children’s entertainment: NA You can roam through the flowers or play with everyone else. There’s loads to look at.
Take away available: NA
Service: NA  IMG_9622.JPG
Kid’s Ideal Meal: NA
What Mum and Dad would rate it: 8/10 For a pleasant coffee and picking flowers.
Setting and Décor: 10/10 Very rustic, country feel.

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